Renewable Energy For A Better Tomorrow

At Millennium Engineers, we are working to facilitate the present use and protect the future of affordable renewable energy.

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Millennium Engineers

A Tanzanian renewable energy company specialized in solar and wind energy technologies. We develop customized business projects based on the needs of a specific community, industry or business value chain, by using either wind and solar technologies or both while working alongside the customer to ensure our solution caters for their needs while still addressing cost, culture, efficiency and the environment.

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We Provide the Best Renewable Energy Services In Tanzania

  • Vision

    Is to help alleviate poverty and improve business value chains by providing sustainable and affordable energy solutions while working to achieve SDG 5, 7, 8, 13 and 17 by 2030.

  • Mission

    Is to lead the global transition to renewable energy by providing solutions in various sectors that create value to people's lives, businesses and the environment.

  • Focus

    We are committed to driving development on the African continent and the world with a specific focus on renewable energy, women, innovation and social impact business projects.

Service Delivery

We ensure delivery of our services within a tight timeframe to ensure total customer satisfaction.

Quality Assurance

We are a professional and certified company that is passionate about delivering renewable energy.

Affordable technology

We innovate affordable renewable energy technologies and solutions to ensure everyone can access the benefits of renewable energy.

Environmental Friendly

We provide non-toxic and very safe energy for both surroundingenvironment as well as user's environment.

The professionals

Our Dedicated Team

We have what we call the best team in every department, from management, technical support and the rest of the company’s staff.

Diana Mbogo

Founder & Managing Director

Victoria Japhet

Finance Director

Winstone Nnko

Project Engineer

Vanessa Mwakila


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