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Sardine Fishing Industry lake Victoria 2021

Ongoing Project

The project aims at transitioning the low-income sardine fishing industry in Lake Victoria, away from traditional conventional methods of sardine drying and fishing lights towards cleaner, more affordable renewable energy solutions. In turn, the project will help to increase the value of sardines in the global market through innovating two major areas of the sardine fishing industry value chain. The community will benefit four-fold environmentally, economically, socially, and through gender impact. The project’s success will be measured across a triple bottom line; generating more income for fishers’ families and community, addressing pressing social issues, and significantly reducing CO2 levels.

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Sardine fishing industry Value Chain (Lake Victoria)

Pilot Project (2020)

The project aimed to transition the low-income sardine fishing industry in Lake Victoria, away from kerosene lanterns and traditional conventional methods of drying towards cleaner, more affordable renewable energy solutions. In turn this will increase the value of sardines in the global market, while the community benefits four- fold environmentally, economically, socially and through gender impact. The project was launched in partnership with AWEEF under the United Nation Environment Program, UNEP. It brought together a range of stakeholders from the sector, including, the local and regional government, relevant government ministries, NGOs and the private sector.

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Telecom towers backup power design

South Africa (2017)

In collaboration with our technology partners Ecolibri (Italy) and our customer Telkom (South Africa), MEE Ltd was able to develop a renewable energy solution for telecommunication towers in off grid places. This included analyzing existing solutions to the proposed one in a 10-year forecast plan with reference to, operation and maintenance costs, convenience, initial investments and project feasibility. MEE Ltd was supported by other experts from Energy4Impact (Kenya) in a program initiated by the IFC.

Amadi University

Swaziland (2017)

The MEE Ltd technical team was summoned by Amadi University and ECOLIBRI’ to perform an energy analysis as a preliminary activity towards purchase and installation of the hybrid system for solar energy and the Ecolibri wind turbine which would be used as their backup power generation system. A 3.5kW hybrid system was later on installed by our technical team at the university. Other similar job activities were performed to other potential clients in the region including the Emanuel Guest House, and New Life Christian Academy.

Amadi Uni

Katenge Primary School

Makambako, Tanzania (2015)

The project was initiated by University Of Dar es salaam College of Engineering and Technology (CoET) in collaboration with KTH University. Project activities included the design, manufacturing and installation of a 0.5kW vertical axis wind turbine that was later installed in Katenge primary school in Makambako, Iringa in August 2015.

Renewable Energy for a Better Tomorrow

Millennium Engineers, we are working to facilitate the present uses and protect the future with efficient and affordable renewable sources of energy that is environmental friendly.