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Explore new skills through our Hands-on Experiential Internship Program, an enriching and phenomenal learning journey awaits you!

Millennium Engineers Internship Program

Objective/About the Internship Program

Millennium Engineers delivers projects that reinforce Climate Adaptation and Mitigation to ignite technical and transferable skills among our interns. The program is designed to create and foster innovative skills in youth to develop scalable and sustainable solutions while providing an enriching and dynamic learning experience.

What we do:

We engage interns to work on our exciting projects that support climate adaptation technologies and mitigation methods while installing important skills including research and development, implementation, and dissemination of technologies. We spark entrepreneurships through hands-on experience and develop skills that are transferable across various industries.

Application Process

Our program is open to all genders, ethnicities, and backgrounds. Send your applications highlighting your motivation and suitability through info@millenniumengineers.co.tz

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We are excited to invite partners and donors to join us in supporting our efforts to empower youth and women while advancing climate adaptation technologies and mitigation methods in underserved communities across various sectors.